弗拉基米尔·伊维奇(Vladimir Ivic)采访:沃特福德(Watford)老板讨论了管理哲学,特拉维夫马卡比(Maccabi)成功和晋升希望

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It does not take long in the company of Vladimir Ivic to realise the Watford boss is very much his own man

在弗拉基米尔·伊维奇(Vladimir Ivic)的陪伴下,很快就意识到沃特福德(Watford)老板是他自己的人

"In this job it"s not a good idea to copy someone," he tells after winning the Sky Bet Championship Manager of the Month for November

在赢得11月份“本月最佳” Sky Bet冠军经理后,他告诉记者:“在这项工作中,抄袭不是一个好主意。”

"You can follow a lot of coaches, especially in England, as some of the top coaches in the world are here in the Premier League and in the Championship


"It"s always good to speak with people who are experienced and have been successful and who can give you advice, but you need to have your own style in how you work and how you get your team to understand how to improve and how you want them to play." Vladimir Ivic wins Manager of the MonthGet A brief glance at the Championship table makes it look like bouncing back from Premier League relegation is easy

“与经验丰富且成功的人交谈总是很有益的,他们可以为您提供建议,但是您需要在工作方式以及如何让团队了解自己的进步和需求方面拥有自己的风格。 玩。” 弗拉基米尔·伊维奇(Vladimir Ivic)赢得了本月的经理获得冠军表的简短一览,看起来从英超联赛降级回来似乎很容易

Norwich, Bournemouth and Watford are all placed in top four as we approach the halfway mark of the season, but this campaign is proving to be the exception rather than the rule


Fulham snuck through the play-offs last season, becoming the first side in three years to secure an immediate return to the top flight


There was some element of continuity at Norwich and Bournemouth, too


Daniel Farke has the Canaries top of the table having remained at the club, the Cherries promoted Eddie Howe"s assistant into the top job

丹尼尔·法克(Daniel Farke)将金丝雀(Canaries)排在俱乐部前列,樱桃将埃迪·豪(Eddie Howe)的助手晋升为最高职位

They are second


Ivic, however, has no experience of English football, and many of his star players were linked with a move away in the summer


He has had to drill his ideas quickly into his squad, because time is often of the essence for managers at Vicarage Road

他不得不迅速将自己的想法付诸实践,因为对于Vicarage Road的经理来说,时间通常至关重要

美少女斗地主There have been a lot of grinding wins this season, with their 1-0 victory at Birmingham secured by a late Troy Deeney penalty on Saturday providing the perfect example of that

美少女斗地主本赛季取得了很多胜利,他们在伯明翰的1-0胜利由周六晚些时候的Troy Deeney点球获得了保证,这就是一个很好的例子。

But for Ivic, it is always the win that counts


"My philosophy as a manager is to win games," he says


"It is about working day to day with my players, to speak with them and to find the best system I can to play and achieve victory in every game


"It can be a 5-3-2, a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3


Sometimes it depends on who is available to play


My favourite system is the one you can use to get the best from your squad." Championship news | Table | Fixtures | On SkyBefore arriving at Watford, Ivic had great success in Israel at Maccabi Tel Aviv, winning the Israeli Premier League in back-to-back years in 2019 and 2020 - ending a run of three seasons without the title for the most decorated club in the country

我最喜欢的系统是您可以用来从球队中获得最好的系统。”冠军新闻|桌子|装置|天空在抵达沃特福德之前,艾维克在以色列特拉维夫马卡比取得了巨大的成功,赢得了以色列超级联赛的冠军 在2019年和2020年倒退几年-结束了连续三个赛季的比赛,没有该国最装饰俱乐部的称号

Before his arrival there, he had also won the Greek Cup with PAOK in 2017 in his first senior management role


"It was a great time [at Maccabi]" he says


"It was my first time moving to a new country to work [as a manager]


They are the biggest club in Israel but had gone three years without winning the league before I came in, which was hard for the club and the fans


美少女斗地主"There were also problems with Financial Fair Play when I arrived so we co we had to work on a very small budget, and we used a lot of young players who had been on loan at other clubs in Israel

美少女斗地主“当我到达时,Financial Fair Play也存在问题,因此我们不得不以很小的预算进行工作,而且我们雇用了许多年轻球员,这些球员是在以色列其他俱乐部租借的

"But the two years we had there were very successful and we won trophies


We didn"t succeed in the Europa League as I would have liked, but it was a great period and I will always remember those two years." Within around a month of winning his second league title, Ivic had pitched up at Watford and immediately set back trying to turn around a side that had been relegated on the final day of last season churning through three permanent managers and one caretaker in the process

我们并没有如我所愿地在欧罗巴联赛中获得成功,但这是一个伟大的时期,我将永远记得那两年。 退缩试图扭转在上个赛季最后一天降级的一面,在此过程中通过三名永久性经理和一名看守人进行搅动

The amount of games and the coronavirus restrictions means Ivic has had little time to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of a new country so far, but his man-management style is rubbing off on the players and the most important thing to him is that things are going well on the pitch

游戏的数量和冠状病毒的限制意味着迄今为止,Ivic很少有时间放松和享受新国家的风光,但是他的管理风格正在逐渐侵蚀着球员,对他来说最重要的是 球场上一切顺利

"I"ve not had a lot of free time because there has been a game every three or four days," he says


"But it has been a fantastic time so far in England, and it"s been a great challenge to work in the Championship


"It"s different here for sure


It has its own culture and its own competition


There are a lot of games and we had to get ready as quickly as possible to manage here


"To work with new players they need to understand you and you need to understand them


I watched a lot of games before I arrived here to plan how we would play in this league


We had a lot of things to prepare to help us win games." What of the targets he is set for this season? Naturally, there is only one - and it is a simple message Ivic drills into his players ahead of every game


"We have a lot of players who were relegated from the Premier League, and now they have a very good chance to show that we are a team with quality who want to fight, to give their maximum and to show we want to come back," he says

“我们有很多被英超降级的球员,现在他们有很好的机会表明我们是一支有素质的球队,他们愿意战斗,发挥最大作用并表明我们想回来, “ 他说

"We know our targets and what we want to do, and that is return to the Premier League


It won"t be easy, it"s a tough competition with a lot of games and a lot of good teams


It"s about our mentality, being ready physically and to go game by game."



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