Mikel Arteta接受他必须表现不佳

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Mikel Arteta admits he must "take the bullets" for Arsenal"s poor form and has urged his players to put their bodies on the line to arrest the Gunners" slump

Mikel Arteta承认他必须为阿森纳糟糕的表现“子弹”,并敦促他的球员们站稳脚跟,以阻止枪手的低迷

Arsenal went down 1-0 at home to Burnley on Sunday to record their third successive loss in the Premier League


斗地主小游戏Arteta"s side have won just one of their last eight games in the competition and lie 15th in the table - just five points above the relegation zone


Edu tells Arsenal fans to back Mikel ArtetaFans miss out as London moves into Tier 3Arsenal in crisis: How low can they go?The Gunners" form has led to questions over Arteta"s future - just 12 months after he replaced Unai Emery - and he knows he must accept the criticism coming his way

埃杜(Edu)告诉阿森纳的球迷支持米克尔·阿泰塔(Mikel ArtetaFans),因为伦敦进入了第3线危机时阿森纳球迷错过了:他们能走多远? 必须接受批评指日可待

He said: "This is our reality right now and we have to face it by being brave, fighting and no one giving up


It"s not time to hide - it"s time to put your face and your body on the line


"At the moment, I"m sorry, but we have to take the bullets


We are not winning football matches and you have to put your chest there


Hit me, because you have the right to hit me because we are not winning斗地主小游戏

打我,因为您没有赢我们就有权打我 斗地主小游戏

"What else can I do? Put my head down, work harder, and try to improve


"It"s natural


I accept it and it"s part of the job


斗地主小游戏When you are not getting results, it"s the manager who has maximum responsibility


That"s why I accept because you can say whatever you want to explain, but at the end, you have to win football matches斗地主小游戏

这就是为什么我接受,因为您可以说任何您想解释的内容,但最后您必须赢得足球比赛 斗地主小游戏

"This club is too big to accept this many losses in the last weeks


My chest is here - hit me, guys." "I"ll protect Xhaka despite mistake"Arsenal"s defeat to Burnley also saw Granit Xhaka sent off for grabbing the throat of Clarets" midfielder Ashley Westwood - the latest indiscretion in his Gunners career


The Swiss midfielder was stripped of the captaincy after swearing at supporters who were jeering him during a game last November and looked set to leave the club


He has since been reintegrated into the team and is a regular under Arteta, who offered his strong backing to the 28-year-old


"It [his red card] has been resolved internally," said Arteta

“它(他的红牌)已经在内部解决,” Arteta说

"There is a lot of players who have had rocky moments


"What I can say about Granit is his professionalism and his commitment with the club and with his team is maximal


He knows and we all know that he had a moment where he"s lost it and I know the reason why


"But what I cannot do is throw everything he has done away because he"s made a mistake


We all make mistakes and I am here to protect the players when I see that they deserve it


"For sure Granit is one of them for the way that he approaches every training session, the way he wants to do everything the right way and the professional that he is." Arsenal in crisis: How low can they go?How much pressure is Arteta under? Just how low can Arsenal go? The Pitch to Post podcast panel discuss the crisis at the Emirates

“可以肯定的是,Granit是他参加每次培训课程的方式,他想以正确的方式做所有事情的方式以及他所专业的人之一。” 危机中的阿森纳:他们能走多远?阿泰塔承受着多少压力? 阿森纳到底能走多低? Pitch to Post播客小组讨论了阿联酋的危机

The Gunners were beaten 1-0 by Burnley on Sunday night, thanks in large part to Xhaka"s sending off for grabbing Westwood by the throat, meaning Arteta"s side have just 13 points from 12 games


This was the first time Arsenal have lost four in a row at home since 1959, it was Burnley"s first top flight win over Arsenal since 1974, and Arsenal"s 10 goals from 12 Premier League games is their lowest return since 1981


A truly record-breaking season for all the wrong reasons so far for Arsenal


To hear more, download the Pitch to Post Review podcast on your provider Edu tells Arsenal fans to back Mikel ArtetaArsenal technical director Edu has asked fans to believe in Arteta and insists results on the pitch do not tally with what he is seeing on the training ground

要了解更多信息,请在您的提供商上下载“ Pitch to Post Review”播客Edu告诉阿森纳球迷支持Mikel ArtetaArsenal技术总监Edu要求球迷相信Arteta,并坚持认为在球场上的结果与他在训练场上看到的不一致

The Brazilian also warned any disgruntled supporters the club will not be splashing the cash during the January transfer window in an attempt to remedy their current poor form


Asked if he feels Arsenal fans should relax, Edu said: "Relaxing is too much


Just believe


Internally here, listen, we are doing well


"My main message is that we are not talking about only one person


It is unfair to talk about Mikel, or [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang because he is not scoring goals, or [Bernd] Leno because he has to stop the goals

谈论Mikel或[Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang是因为他没有进球,或者[Bernd] Leno是因为他必须停止进球,这是不公平的

"It is unfair to talk about one person


We are a football team, we have to talk about ourselves, talk about "we" and not "him", so that for me is the main message


"The way I see things is very simple


It"s normal and easy to be driven by the results


But for me, the main point is when I see something in which I can see the future, see where we go, the way we"re building things, starting to see it on a daily basis


"So the way we work, the way we train, the way we behave internally


If you see the quality of the work, if you see the quality of the people, if you see properly what"s happening here on a daily basis, it"s nothing to compare with the results."



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