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Jose Mourinho labelled Serge Aurier"s foul for Leicester"s penalty as a "mistake" but that the attitude of other Tottenham players in the 2-0 defeat also concerned him

穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)将塞吉·奥里尔(Serge Aurier)对莱斯特的罚球定为犯规,但其他热刺球员在2-0失利的态度也与他有关

Aurier barged into the back of Wesley Fofana in first-half stoppage time to allow Jamie Vardy to score from the spot and Toby Alderweireld"s own goal after the break sealed the win for Brendan Rodgers" side, who go second

上半场补时阶段,Aurier闯入Wesley Fofana的后排,以让Jamie Vardy从现场得分,Toby Alderweireld自己的进球在突破后为Brendan Rodgers的球队赢得了胜利

Mourinho was frustrated by a slow start from his side - which he says may have been a hangover from the midweek defeat at Liverpool - but refused to be too critical of his full-back after his foul, which pundit Roy Keane described as "utter madness", set Leicester on course for victory

穆里尼奥从他身边的缓慢起步感到沮丧-他说这可能是周三在利物浦失败的宿醉-但拒绝对犯规后的后卫过于批评,专家罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)将其描述为“完全疯狂” “,让莱斯特走向胜利

"We didn"t start well


I could go on the individuals but I don"t," he told


"But in our best period in the first half when we were totally in control and had a couple of good chances to score, expecting to go in 0-0 you go with 1-0 down


中国女子曲棍球"Then in the second half we score in our own goal when we had possession and we were in more creation


That was difficult


The reaction was positive


"Schmeichel made a couple of important saves but in the end it"s the game we lose with the penalty and the own goal and it looks like, with the result, the opponent was totally in control or better than us but that was not the reality中国女子曲棍球

“舒梅切尔做出了两次重要的扑救,但最终这是我们因罚球和自己的进球而输掉的比赛,结果,对手完全处于控制之中或比我们更好,但这不是现实 中国女子曲棍球

"Our performance was not good but it was not like they deserved to win, or we deserved to lose


It was a poor game." He added in his post-match press conference: "The penalty is not a penalty created, it"s a penalty we commit


It"s not something that comes in the sequence of something great


And for me it comes completely unrelated of the context at the time


At the time was our best period in the first half


"We start bad


The first, let"s say, 20 minutes was a poor performance, some empty spots in terms of pressing, attitude, recovering the ball, I didn"t like at all


"But then during the first half we changed, we adapt the positions especially in midfield, the team improved a lot, we had a period of domination, we had a couple of good chances and then the penalty, which for me is out of context of the game at that moment

“但是在上半场我们改变了,我们调整了位置,尤其是在中场,球队进步了很多,我们统治了一段时间,我们有很多机会,然后是点球,这对我来说是不合情理的 当时的游戏

"I agree we didn"t create 15 chances in the second half but they"re a good team, they know how to defend, they know how to drop the lines back and they created us difficulties with their defensive organisation." Tottenham 0-2 Leicester - Match report and highlightsHow the teams lined up | Match statsGet | Get a PassPremier League table | Premier League top scorersPremier League fixtures | Premier League resultsAurier has now given away four penalties in the Premier League, only Arsenal"s David Luiz has given away more

“我同意我们在下半场没有创造15次机会,但他们是一支优秀的球队,他们知道如何防守,他们知道如何降低防守线,并且给我们的防守组织带来了困难。” 托特纳姆热刺0-2莱斯特-比赛报告和重点报道 比赛统计数据 获取PassPremier League表| 英超联赛最佳射手|英超联赛赛程| 英超联赛结果奥里尔现在已经放弃了英超联赛的四项处罚,只有阿森纳的大卫·路易斯·路易斯放弃了更多

However, Mourinho avoided being drawn on whether it is a persistent problem for the defender and instead described Sunday"s foul as "a mistake"


"I would describe it as a mistake


Not a moment of madness," said Mourinho


"I have to admit you have to know where you are, that you are inside of the box, the player goes away from your own goal without any kind of danger


I would describe it as a mistake


"I know my players


I know my players qualities, I know my players little problems


Serge was phenomenal against Liverpool, probably our best player and today he made this mistake


"Did this mistake cost us the three points? I think it"s unfair to say that


If I had to go on individuals I could go on other individuals where the attitude is not what I like, so I have to be honest in my analysis of Serge


It"s a mistake but that"s it." After drawing with Crystal Palace last weekend, and losing to Liverpool and Leicester, it has been a bad week for Tottenham, who are now down to fifth in the Premier League

在上周末与水晶宫(Crystal Palace)交手后输给了利物浦和莱斯特之后,对托特纳姆热刺队来说这是糟糕的一周,他们目前在英超联赛中只排名第五。

"It"s not a good week in terms of results," accepted Mourinho


"We could be here as the ones that broke Liverpool"s record at Anfield and go into this game from the high of this level of confidence and happiness


"I have to admit we started this game from the low of that disappointment of not getting what you deserve in that match but Leicester also lost in the past match and they came with a positive attitude which we didn"t start with


And then after that it was a game which could go in both directions


It was a game we lose with a penalty and own goal." Rodgers: We had everything In contrast, Leicester boss Rodgers was convinced his side were deserved winners and was delighted with the performance


"We had everything," he said


"I thought in the first half we really controlled the game, with and without the ball


We denied them any counter attacks, where they"re very strong


We played with confidence and a nice rhythm in our game


We looked a really good side and deserved to be in front


"Second half we controlled the game without the ball, but still looked a real threat, had the confidence to play and actually with a better final pass and a wee bit more finesse we might have scored a bit more


It was unfortunate with the goal disallowed as well, the thickness of a line on the telly, but over the course of the game we were outstanding and it was a very good win for us."



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