尼尔·列侬(Neil Lennon):凯尔特人老板不确定俱乐部的心理会不会改变以追赶游骑兵

时间:2020-12-23 00:44:48

Neil Lennon has admitted he is unsure if Celtic"s psychology will change as they seek to close a 16-point gap on rivals Rangers

尼尔·列侬(Neil Lennon)承认,他不确定凯尔特人的心理会改变,因为他们寻求缩小对手游骑兵的16分差距

Celtic currently sit in second place in the Scottish Premiership but Lennon is hopeful the achievement of securing a quadruple domestic treble on Sunday can kick-start their league form.COVID-19: England set for New Year lockdownScottish Premiership free match highlightsPL clubs in Tier 4 to be tested twice a weekThey do have three games in hand and face bottom side Ross County next - who appointed John Hughes as their new manager on Monday

凯尔特人目前在苏格兰英超联赛中排名第二,但列侬希望在周日取得四倍的国内三重奏的成绩能够启动他们的联赛形式.COVID-19:英格兰锁定新年锁定苏格兰英超免费比赛聚焦四级联赛俱乐部 每周要接受两次测试他们的确有三场比赛,接下来面对罗斯郡-周一任命约翰·休斯为新任经理

"The atmosphere has been fantastic as you can imagine, there"s a lot of good feeling around the place," Lennon said


"The players are galvanised and full of energy


They probably don"t have the time to take stock of the achievement just yet but they are feeling good about themselves as we all are


"You are hoping that a big burden of the pressure is off them and they can go out and play a bit more freely and just chip away at winning games and finding our consistency


It"s given them a huge psychological lift双人捕鱼游戏

这给了他们极大的心理上的提升 双人捕鱼游戏

"We have to dig deep now, we have to claw back a big sort of deficit but it is not beyond us


双人捕鱼游戏What we have to do is find consistency of performance and the players know that." Celtic could be without Scott Brown and Shane Duffy, who are major doubts for the Ross County game after picking up injuries against Hearts


Olivier Ntcham is back in training following a thigh strain and, while Wednesday"s game is likely to come too soon for him, he could bring himself into contention to play on Boxing Day at Hamilton, live on

大腿拉伤后,奥利维尔·恩查姆(Olivier Ntcham)重新开始训练,尽管对他而言,周三的比赛可能来得太早,但他有可能参加汉密尔顿的节礼日比赛,继续

Lennon: New Covid-19 strain a worryLennon has also admitted he is concerned the more easily transmittable strain of Covid-19 could bring further restrictions and potentially see football shutdown again


The Celtic boss is confident that the Scottish Premiership"s current testing arrangements of twice a week are robust enough, but there are fears a new strain of coronavirus could bring further disruption into 2021


Lennon revealed plans for winter training in Dubai are currently under review with more parts of the United Kingdom expected to move into tougher tier four restrictions by the end of December


双人捕鱼游戏 He said: "I think it"s a worry for all aspects of everyday life


It"s a very, very difficult situation, we will just follow whatever guidelines are set in place by the government and take it from there."We were all hoping that by this time of the year we would have crowds back and be back to almost normality, but it"s certainly not the case and it looks like it"s not going to be that way for quite a considerable time yet

这是一个非常,非常困难的情况,我们将遵循政府制定的任何指导方针,并从那里接受它。”“我们都希望到一年的这个时候,我们会拥挤的人群,并恢复到几乎正常的状态。 ,但事实并非如此,而且在相当长的一段时间内似乎不会采用这种方式

"I think twice a week (testing) is plenty and thankfully in our bubble we have been very clean


"Whether you put that down to good practice or a bit of fortune as well, it"s only when the players have been out of the bubble really on their international teams that they have picked things up."



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