米德尔斯堡1-0卢顿镇:当10人的博罗保持胜利时,丘巴·阿克波姆(Chuba Akpom)罢工

时间:2020-12-17 05:50:30

Chuba Akpom ended a 13-match wait for a goal in a dramatic 1-0 win for Middlesbrough against Luton at the Riverside Stadium

丘巴·阿克波姆(Chuba Akpom)结束了13场比赛的进球,在河滨球场对米德尔斯堡对阵卢顿的比赛中,戏剧性的1-0胜

But that was only the start of the drama as James Collins" penalty 15 minutes later was ruled out when referee Andy Davies" assistant, Akil Howson, spotted a double touch by the Republic of Ireland striker

但这只是戏剧的开始,因为15分钟后詹姆斯·科林斯的点球被裁判安迪·戴维斯的助手阿基尔·豪森(Akil Howson)发现,爱尔兰共和党前锋双重触碰被排除在外

Middlesbrough - who had a penalty from Marcus Tavernier ruled out against Norwich on November 21 for the same offence - also had midfielder Sam Morsy sent off in the penalty incident for handling Collins" initial strike

米德尔斯堡-曾在11月21日因同样的罪行被马库斯·塔弗尼尔(Marcus Tavernier)罚出对诺维奇的比赛-还因控告柯林斯的初罢工而在罚球事件中中场球员萨姆·莫西(Sam Morsy)被罚

Despite having to finish the game with 10 men and Luton desperate for a change in fortune, Middlesbrough withstood late pressure to seal the points, including a late save from Marcus Bettinelli to keep out Luke Berry"s header

尽管必须以10名男子完成比赛,卢顿(Loton)拼命改变命运,但米德尔斯堡承受住了后期的压力来保持积分,包括马库斯·贝蒂内利(Marcus Bettinelli)的一次后援以阻止卢克·贝里的头球

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Boro moved up to seventh and closed the gap on the play-off places by securing a second home win inside four days

冠军赛器材| 桌子| Get Boro升至第七,并在四天内获得第二个主场胜利,从而缩小了季后赛名额

In a pretty tame night of football in which chances were few and far between at both ends, the Hatters could just as easily have edged ahead before the opening goal


Middlesbrough, fresh from a convincing win over Millwall on Saturday having scored early, could not find that explosive start this time around as Luton played with greater initial confidence


The Hatters, now without a win in five away from home, passed the ball around neatly and missed out on the opportunity to leapfrog Middlesbrough in mid-table


There was a decent delivery that looked like it could cause a problem midway through the half when Rhys Norrington-Davies looked to pick out the unmarked Pelly Ruddock-Mpanzu in the area, but there was too much pace on the cross

当Rhys Norrington-Davies试图挑选该地区未标记的Pelly Ruddock-Mpanzu时,有一次体面的投递看起来可能会在半场中造成问题,但是十字架上的步伐太大了

Middlesbrough"s best chance came when full-back Anfernee Dijksteel was fed by Tavernier down the line

米德尔斯堡最好的机会来自塔弗尼尔(Tavernier)为后卫安弗妮·迪克斯蒂尔(Anfernee Dijksteel)

Dijksteel did his bit, but his well-struck cross was turned away by goalkeeper James Shea

迪克·斯蒂尔(Dijksteel)做了一点努力,但门将詹姆士·谢(James Shea)拒绝了他打得很好的十字架

The Luton goalkeeper was not asked any other questions before half-time


通天国际Middlesbrough"s only other noteworthy chance was when Dael Fry volleyed over the crossbar from 15 yards when his initial header had been blocked

通天国际米德尔斯堡唯一值得一提的机会是,当戴埃尔·弗莱(Dael Fry)最初的头球被挡出后,从15码处凌空飞越横梁

The game was crying out for some inspiration in the second half and it was a case of whether managers Nathan Jones or Neil Warnock could deliver it

下半场比赛一直在寻求灵感,这是经理内森·琼斯(Nathan Jones)或尼尔·沃诺克(Neil Warnock)是否可以提供的案例

Within a few minutes of the restart there was renewed hope of a goal when George Saville arched his body to volley over the bar

重新启动后的几分钟内,乔治·萨维尔(George Saville)的身体向酒吧上方凌空抽射,重新实现了进球的希望。

Middlesbrough took the lead with a well-worked goal after 52 minutes


Tavernier"s run at pace towards the box led to him finding Marvin Johnson, whose low cross was turned in by Akpom from close range

Tavernier奔向禁区的步伐导致他找到Marvin Johnson,Akpom从近距离射门将低位十字架移出

Fifteen minutes later, goalkeeper Bettinelli failed to hold Glen Rea"s effort on goal and a penalty was awarded when Morsy handled to block Collins" rebound effort

十五分钟后,守门员贝蒂内利(Bettinelli)未能保持格伦·雷(Glen Rea)的射门,莫西(Morsy)阻止科林斯的篮板球时判罚

Collins, who also had a late header saved, found the net, but the referee"s assistant agreed with Boro complaints that there was a double touch and it was ruled out



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