Dele Alli 360:热刺中来自热刺,穆里尼奥和马刺进攻者的观点

时间:2020-12-18 20:23:03

Dele Alli has made substitute appearances in Tottenham"s last two Premier League games but speculation over his future remains a hot topic ahead of the January transfer window

德里·阿里(Dele Alli)在热刺的最后两场英超联赛中曾出场替补出场,但对他的未来的猜测仍是一月份转会窗口前的热门话题。

The 24-year-old has played just 75 minutes in the top flight so far this term and Paris Saint-Germain made loan bids for him earlier this season


But what do we know about the views of Tottenham, Jose Mourinho, and Alli himself on his future? Ahead of Spurs" Super Sunday clash with Leicester - which you can watch live on Premier League - News reporter Paul Gilmour told the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast the latest..

但是我们对托特纳姆热刺,穆里尼奥和阿里本人对他的未来的看法了解多少? 在马刺与莱斯特的超级周日交锋发生之前-您可以在英超联赛现场观看-新闻记者保罗·吉尔默(Paul Gilmour)告诉Pitch播报最新的播客。

Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox Dele Alli 360: The view from each sideYou have got three separate parties in this: the club, the manager, and the player

收听音高以在以下位置播客:Spotify | 苹果| Castbox Dele Alli 360:双方的视野您在其中拥有三个独立的聚会:俱乐部,经理和球员

阳城Let"s start with the club


Tottenham want Dele Alli to stay and fight for his place


They are expected to resist a loan move


Reading between the lines it could be argued a permanent is preferable if it comes to a departure but is that realistic in the current climate? Someone like Alli would cost minimum Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox

字里行间地讲,如果要离开,最好是永久的,但是在当前的气候下这是否现实? 像Alli这样的人将花费最低的费用收听播客的播客:Spotify | 苹果| Castbox


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